Our In-Person Classes will deliver the same, great curriculum you have come to expect from our coaches, with some operational modifications. Safety is paramount to our team, and we take our responsibility as your child’s soccer activity provider seriously. Please note that all locations where classes will be held are approved under local guidelines, and each facility or field specifically approved by our executive team to ensure high health standards are met and upheld. Classes are subject to local and CDC guidelines. Please review our reintegration plan below.

Parent & Me Classes

Ages: 18 – 36 Months

A parent-child pre-soccer and movement program specifically designed for toddlers. Our experienced instructors along with our puppet friends, Mimi & Pepe, take you and your little one through a world of exciting physical activity.

Soccer Classes

Ages: 3 – 10 Years

30 – 45 minutes of soccer filled fun in a safe and controlled environment for ages 3-10. Coaches work with 4-8 children, depending on local guidelines and the parameters of the location, to build skills and create a team atmosphere while physically distancing.

Competitive Classes

Ages: 4 – 12 Years

An advanced soccer development program for children ages 4 – 12. Our curriculum is designed to prepare children for the next level of competitive play and team environments.

Multi-Sport Classes

Ages: 3 – 10 Years

Super Soccer Stars have partnered up with Amazing Athletes to bring 30-45 minutes of multisport fun to a safe and controlled environment for ages 3-10. Coaches work with 4-8 children, depending on local guidelines and the parameters of the location, to learn up to 10 sports and activities teaching kids about leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Reintegration Plan & Zonal Play


Danielle S. – Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME

“First, a huge thank you. I haven’t been able to find an on-line exercise that has been engaging for my 5.5 year old. His first live Soccer Stars was on Friday and he was totally engaged. Did the drills himself and practiced for about 20 minutes after. THANK YOU!!!”

Donna – Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME

“I wanted to say I think the club has done an amazing job of going online and providing the kids with interactive fitness sessions in a time when they really need it. Cal was sweating like crazy after the high intensity ones and he loved it! Coach Errol’s tactical sessions have been excellent learning tools also and he did a really good job getting everyone involved. I know all of this is not easy but we appreciate it!”

Venus L. – Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME

“Super Soccer Stars at home was awesome!. My son enjoyed practicing his skills and had so much fun. He can’t wait until the next class.”

Deborah – Customer, Soccer Stars Live Stream

“Who would have thought that Soccer classes could be a success online! Our families and students are thrilled to have a fun, fast-paced, energetic activity for their children to do during these uncertain times. Thank you Super Soccer Stars.”

Brad – Customer, Soccer Stars Live Stream

“I wanted to say thanks to all of your staff and coaches who make possible the daily soccer lesson broadcasts and the weekly check-ins with the players. For my son Grant, the daily broadcasts are something that he looks forward to and helps bring some exercise and structure to his day. We are currently in quarantine and can’t leave the house, which makes this a welcome distraction in some otherwise long days! The chance to spend time on the ball and develop some new skills is very much appreciated!
Keep up the great work!”