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Kick it from home with our classic youth soccer program that teaches the fundamentals of the sport in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment.

Add fun by gamifying your training through an augmented reality app on your phone or tablet!

Soccer Stars AI Training: powered by the Homecourt App, allows players to complete various soccer challenges with AI games, receiving real-time feedback! Build up your soccer speed and agility, and compete virtually with the Soccer Stars Community. HomeCourt will also be used for social media challenges and as an integrated part of our programming.

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At Super Soccer Stars, we are committed to keeping your kids active and healthy during this time away from schools and classes. Keep your child kicking in any environment now with our new digital programming, allowing your child to have fun and continue to build their soccer skills.

Our coaches will keep the ball rolling with engaging activities, virtual classes and broadcasting live videos. Each digital program will provide families with information for each activity that will be covered, including daily themes, early childhood learning concepts and the targeted age of our viewers. We will also outline what equipment, or suggestions of regular items around the house (with a little bit of imagination), will be needed beforehand.

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