Can my child take a trial class?

We do not offer trial classes. We do, however, have a specific refund policy, which provides a similar option. You can enroll for the session, and if for some reason your child does not take to the class, you have until before the fourth class to withdraw and receive a full prorated refund, minus a $35 processing fee. If you enrolled through a 3rd-Party Partner, please refer to their respective policies.

Our policy is designed like this for the specific reason that–especially with such young children–in a new environment, it often takes a couple of classes for the child to get used to the new sport, the new children, the new surroundings.

What is your make-up policy?

We offer two free make-ups that must be approved and scheduled by the Super Soccer Stars office. We do not offer make-ups for the first or last week of  season, and make-ups cannot be scheduled in classes that are sold out.  You may schedule additional make-ups for a $30 fee per class. All make-ups must be scheduled and canceled a minimum of 24 hours before the class in question.  If you do not alert out team about a cancellation 24 hours ahead of time, this will be considered as a “used” make-up session. Make-ups do not transfer between seasons, so be sure to contact our office ahead of time if you know you will be missing a class later in the season, as we can schedule make-ups in advance.

What is your child-to-coach ratio?


# of Kids per Coach

12 – 24 months


2 – 2.5


2.5 – 3


3 – Young 4


Older 4 – 5


Kindergarten – 1st


2nd – 4th Grade (7 – 10 years old)


Premier Development


What is your philosophy on parent participation?

It is our philosophy that “you know your child best”. While our classes are designed as separation classes, we leave the level of participation to your discretion. We do ask, however, that your participation does not disrupt the flow of the class at any time. Therefore, we are very flexible with respect to parent or caregiver participation in our programs – especially in classes with younger children. Some children do better with a mom, dad, grandparent or nanny around, even helping them with some drills; some fare better when they are left alone.

What is your rain policy?

Please keep in mind we do run classes in drizzly weather and light rain, so make sure to prepare for any and all weather conditions when getting ready to head to class. In the case of inclement weather, we will cancel classes with short notice or while class is in progress. If we do cancel classes, our office will contact all enrolled families via email with cancellation and make up details. Weather updates are also posted on the Super Soccer Stars website and Twitter. We also offer one weather related make up per season at your discretion, so if you are not comfortable with conditions you can choose to miss class and make it up another time.

What does my child need to wear or bring to class?

Your child will receive a t-shirt with enrollment which will provided at his or her first class. He or she must wear secure sneakers (lace-up or Velcro, nothing that will slip off his or her feet) and comfortable clothes to run around in (shorts or sweatpants). We also recommend bringing a water bottle to each class.